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Linking Law and Life: Justice Sotomayor’s Judicial Voice

By: Laura Krugman Ray

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To Protect the Shield: Combatting Domestic Violence in the NFL

By: Helen A. Drew

After the most tumultuous months in the history of the NFL, Helen A. Drew analyzes the string of disciplinary issues that plagued the sport, including the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson incidents, among others. Drew tracks the timeline of negative events in 2014, then proceeds to discuss NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's history regarding player discipline. The Article concludes by discussing the NFL's revised personal conduct policy and suggesting improvements to the NFL's internal operations in an effort to strengthen the NFL community and brand.

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Commentary: Pleau-Sharing

By: Jonah J. Horwitz

In light of recent debate about the proper roles of federal and state governments, Jonah J. Horwitz laments how little attention has been paid to federal encroachment on the prosecution of commonplace crimes, specifically as it pertains to the death penalty controversy in United States v. Pleau.

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Meaningful Information, Meaningful Retention

By: Jordan M. Singer

Jordan M. Singer reflects on the uncertain future of judicial retention elections, in response to Todd E. Pettys's Judicial Retention Elections, the Rule of Law, and the Rhetorical Weaknesses of Consequentialism, 60 BUFF. L. REV. 69.

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Pedagogy and Critique: Values and Assumptions in the Law School Classroom

By: Richard Michael Fischl

Michael Fischl offers further reflections on the importance of Emeritus Professor James Atleson's scholarship, in response to our Symposium on James Atleson's Values and Assumptions in American Labor Law: A Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Retrospective, 57 BUFF. L. REV. 629.

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New York's Inbred Judiciary: Pathologies of Nomination and Appointment of Court of Appeals Judges

By: James A. Gardner

The Buffalo Law Review is committed to showcasing topics involving the New York State judiciary. The Review recently published Recusal and Recompense: Amending New York Recusal Law in Light of the Judicial Pay Raise Controversy, 57 BUFF. L REV. 1597, by Jeffrey T. Fiut, which critiqued the current state of New York's judicial recusal law and proposed a new system for protecting judicial impartiality. In addition, the New York Legislature has recently held hearings on the current method of judicial appointment to the New York State Court of Appeals. In New York's Inbred Judiciary: Pathologies of Nominations and Appointment of Court of Appeals Judges, James A. Gardner provides both an explanation and critique of the current appointment system for Court of Appeals judges and offers suggestions for improvement.

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Paul Larkin's article on the implications of changing marijuana laws was featured in his testimony to the Canadian Parliament on the same subject matter. Paul had a particular focus on how, as governments are legalizing marijuana in different ways, and at different rates, there are coordination issues when citizens have freedom to travel between the jurisdictions of those governments. His full statement can be found here.

Brendan Conley's comment was selected from our 2016–17 Note & Comment competition. It focuses on the transient legal setting in which fantasy sports betting has been developing. Concurrent with its publishing, the Supreme Court made its decision in the case he follows. As expected, the Court ultimately did rule in favor of New Jersey on May 14, 2018, striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in Murphy v. NCAA, 584 U.S. ___, Nos. 16-476, 16-477, 2017 WL 684747 (2018). More on Murphy can be found here.

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